Skin finity derma
Skin finity derma
Skin finity derma
Skin finity derma
Skin finity derma
Skin finity derma
Skin finity derma
Skin finity derma
Skin finity derma
Skin finity derma

Skin Allergies:

Skin allergies is a skin condition that leads to irritation of skin after a person comes in direct contact with allergens. This type of condition is common and can also be fatal. It causes red rashes on skin type and the irritation persists for a long time.


Psoriasis is a condition that results in multiplication of cells at a much faster rate. New cells get formed by cell multiplication that is 10 times faster than normal. It causes red plagues and scales. It can affect knees, elbows, and scalp.

White Spots:

White spots on skin can be seen when melanin production ceases to happen. Under this condition, cells die off or stop functioning. It is an autoimmune disease and can occur in patients at any age. This disease can occur on any part of the body and leaves white patches on skin.

Dry Skin:

Dry skin is a condition when sun, wind, and cold leaves the skin dry and itchy. This happens with humidity level plunging down. It makes the skin look very dull. Weather conditions plays deep impact in this. Oil use and regular wash can help in this condition.

Atopic Dermatitis:

This is a chronic skin disorder that results in irritation for super sensitive skin. It leads dry, red itchy and swollen dermis. This condition may begin during childhood and can last over years. Much of body may get affected due to this condition.

Skin Infection:

Skin infection is a condition that may occur on dermis due to various reasons. It may be exposure to unhygienic conditions, germs and bacteria. Symptoms can be skin rashes, redness, inflammation and itching. Bacterial, fungal and other vectors may also be causes.


Boils are conditions when an area of the dermis develops lumps. The infection starts in hair follicle or oil glands. Irritation occurs and it results in serious pain. The inflammation persists for days. It can occur particularly in armpits, groin, and buttocks.

Skin Rash:

Skin rashes are common and it results in scaly, bumpy, itchy and irritated skin. It results in allergies, burns and swellings. Numbness, itching and tingling are common symptoms. The rash can occur on cheeks, arms, legs, trunk or any part of the body.

Contact Dermatitis:

Contact dermatitis is an itchy rash that occurs by the substance that comes in direct contact with the person. This disease can be caused by the use of soaps, jewellery, cosmetics, fragrances, etc. To treat this disease, Skinfinity offers the best treatment that suits your skin.


Hives are basically red itchy that appears on the skin in various shape and sizes. While pressing itchy, it turns white. Hives or itchy may be more severe by Scratching, exercise, and consumption of alcohol.


Eczema is a group of chronic skin diseases occur by inflammation. It generally appears on wrists, face, feet and back of the knees, and other areas. It is always itchy, the more you rub, the more it spreads.

Seborrhoeic Dermatitis and all skin:

It’s an itchy rash on the scalp, on many occasions, it also appears on your body. Seborrhoeic dermatitis takes place due to cold weather, stress, medicines, etc. Red itchy generally appears around your neck, behind ears, and in the middle of the chest. This disease is quite common in men and women.

Nail Disease:

Dramatic change in fingernails cause people to think about fungal infections of nails. Sometimes, verticals ridges also appear on the nails. The best way to consult Skinfinity, who have several specialists to diagnose your nail diseases.