Thread lift 

Thread Lift 

What is it?

Collagen threads are used to lift and tighten the sagging skin. It is a single sitting procedure that results in collagen induction and fibrosis and it takes 3 months to show complete results.

Collagen threads of various diameter and length are used to induce skin lifting tightening, skin texture correction, treatment of acne scars and skin glow

What’s at Skinfinity!

1. Face lift: Cog threads are used to lift up sagging skin of the face, correction of smile lines, jowl fat and jaw contouring.
2. Undereye thread rejuvenation: Miono threads are used in the undereye area to improve fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.
3. Chin tightening: A perfect jawline can be created after thorough assessment of facial contours and fat pads. Highly crosslinked, long stay dermal fillers are used to give volume and contour to create a perfect jawline and chin and give you a masculine look.Its a single sitting procedure and its results lasts for 24-30 months.
4. Breast lift: Sagging breast can be lifted with a simple thread lift done under local anaesthesia. 5-8 inches is achieved per sitting. No of sittings depends on degree of sagging and volume if breast tissue. Wrinkles and stretch marks are improved with mono threads.
5. Stretch Mark treatments: A combination of different lengths and diameter of collagen threads are used to improve the texture of skin and treat stretch marks and strae caused due to pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain, certain medicinal intakes and steroid abuse.
6. Skin rejuvenation mono threads: They are a wonderful tool to treat acne, uneven skin texture, pits open pores, finelines, wrinkles,pigmentation and to get a flawless skin.

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