Skinfinity signature laser facial

Skinfinity Signature Laser Facial

A Boon. A miracle. This facial is Skinfinity's pride as it is an invention by Dr. Ipshita Johri's experience, skills and deep analysis of the skin. We love to call it a " Permanent facial" as the glow stays for a month, while the tightening - skin- lifting and anti- ageing effects last forever! Yes- Forever! This facial includes a micro channeling laser that makes it possible to infuse all the goody ingredients into the dermis to create a long-lasting rejuvenation and treat issues like freckles, blemishes, and spots. It has a tightening effect on scars, open pores, and sagging skin.

This facial treatment is reserved for our Premium patients who love their skin and want to stay in love with their skin forever !!

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