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Skin Lightening & Pigmentation Treatment in Delhi NCR | Skinfinity Derma
 Skin Lightening And Pigmentation

Skin Lightening and Pigmentation

Skin Lightening & Pigmentation Treatment in Delhi NCR

What is it?

Human skin owes its colour to a pigment called melanin. Melanin is produced in melanocytes, chromocytes located in the epidermis. These cells have special structures referred to as melanosomes where, after numerous metabolic transformations, melanin is produced. It plays an important and useful role, involving protection of the skin against harmful impact of ultraviolet radiation. Excessive accumulation of melanin causes occurrence of brown or russet spots, especially in uncovered areas such as the face, cleavage, hands and arms. Factors which support occurrence of pigment spots is the skin aging process resulting from excessive exposition to sunlight, certain individual predisposition and the influence of hormones (pregnancy, contraceptives). We has a team of experts at Skinfinity to provide you the best skin lightening and pigmentation treatment in Delhi NCR.

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Treatment – Depigmentation (Cosmelan and Dermamelan)

1. COSMELAN treatment enables effective removal of pigment spots, but it restores smoothness and radiance to the skin. The Cosmelan treatment programme is tailored to meet the individual needs of the patient and the patient’s skin phototype. The main indication is elimination of spots with a hormonal background (melasma, chloasma) and those caused by sunlight.
Dermamelan contains more active ingredients than Cosmelan and it contains salicylic acid (which is not contained in Cosmelan). The difference in composition may suggest greater suitability of Dermamelan for sebaceous skin, but Cosmelan also works well in connection with this kind of skin.

What’s at Skinfinity

We have treated resistant melasma, deep freckles and difficult pigmentation problems like lichenplanus pigmentosis with our step by step protocol of using chemical peels, Q switched ND YAG laser, cosmelan, dermamelan treatment and pigmentation treatment in Delhi NCR.
A post operative measure, lifestyle balance and dietary advises are also given to maintain the results achieved.
A thorough diagnosis of hormonal issues are specifically made before starting pigmentation in females.

1. Bikini and Underarm Brightening

Unusual darkening of underarm area is a common symptom. Darkening occurs because of metabolic syndrome, obesity, excess sweating, frequent waxing or razor, allergy to hair removal creams or deodorant.

This can be treated via:

i. Chemical Peel

ii. Skin Lightening Laser

2 . Tattoo removal (ND Yag Laser)

Tattoo removal; helps in removing tattoo by penetrating deep in the skin and starting an inflammatory reaction in the skin that helps in removing the tattoo ink pigment permanently.
Unwanted tattoos like bindi tattoo, names etched in the skin, tattoos of multiple colors that start fading and look untidy can be removed with ease.

3. Melasma treatment

Melasma is a chronic pigmentation disorder where black/ brown patches appear on the face mostly on the cheeks, above eyebrows, upper lips, nose and sometimes the complete face. It can also affect the ams, shoulders, neck.

4. Freckles and lentigens

Treatment can be done via:

Choice of procedure depend upon size, depth, area and extent of freckles. Regular use of sunscreen is advised post treatment to prevent recurrence of freckles.

5 Tan removal (MDA)

It is a Scientific and hi-tech method to remove dead skin from face, which is safe and effective with no side effects. Dead skin is a common phenomenon and we generally tend to scrub or cleanse our face to get rid of it. This practise is harmful, as the facial skin is very delicate and wrong product and wrong amount of pressure can damage the skin which may lead to redness, acne and rashes. The best alternative for the above is Microdermabrasion. MDA can be done every 15-20 days for oily skin and monthly for sensitive skin to keep the skin clean and glowing in its natural form.

6) Dr. Johri's Cosmelan Regime

The problem

Dark spots, blemishes, darkening of skin, post acne spots and scars, melasma and many more skin discoloration problems exist which cause a hinderance to beauty and become a topic of discussion amongst social groups, sometimes leading to avoidance of social life and stress or depression in chronic and extreme cases.

Role of Cosmelan and Dermamelan

Cosmelan and Dermamelan are procedures done to remove the deepest of pigmentation and to achieve multiple shades of skin lightening. These treatment are done under expert supervision where The 1st step is performed in clinic by a trained dermatologist and the patient is trained for the at-home protocol of the step 2.

Dr. Johri's regime

Dr. Ipshita Johri has received training to perform cosmelan and dermamelan treatment from mesoestetics USA, and has further devised her own protocol that works best for Indian skin types. The protocol takes into consideration the skin color, skin type, history of product application, duration of problem, depth of pigmentation and age of the patient. Accordingly, Dr. Ipshita designs a personalised cosmelan protocol for each patient and performs the treatment herself, thus providing excellent results in a single sitting.

Dr. Ipshita Johri has performed more than 1000 Cosmelan treatments and Skinfinity is always overwhelmed with the success stories and thankfulness of patients because of improvement in social life and uplifted psych gifted by the lightened and glowing skin after following their personalised anti-pigmentation protocol.

The results take 1 month to appear, and a complete 6 month followup is advised by doctor to make sure the results stay and to prevent the recurrence of pigmentation.

Intermittent hyaluronic acid treatments are advised to keep the skin soft and supple after undergoing the Cosmelan treatment. Maintenance protocol is equally important after the cosmelan or dermamelan procedure to uplift the skin quality further and address any leftover pigmentation, dry skin or texture changes of skin.

Real Results

*Result may vary from person to person

*Result may vary from person to person

*Result may vary from person to person

*Result may vary from person to person

Bikini and Underarm Brightening

Bikini and Underarm Brightening

Unusual darkening of underarm area is a common symptom. Darkening occur because of metabolic syndrome, obesity, excess sweating, frequent waxing or razor

tattoo removal (ND Yag Laser)

Tattoo Removal (ND Yag Laser)

As the prevalence of tattoos in the population has increased, the removal of tattoos has also become very prevalent. Tattoos are not permanent, so, it's possible to remove it fully or partially depending upon the size of the tattoo and the color of ink used for tattooing.

Melasma Treatment

Melasma Treatment

Skinfinity's dermatology team has worked upon extensively to make the ever-so-stressful condition of melasma treatable with a simple ONE TIME solution

Freckles and Lentigens

Freckles and Lentigens

choice of procedure depend upon size depth area and extent of freckles and regular use of sunscreen advised post treatment to prevent re-occurance of freckles.

Tan removal (MDA)

Tan Removal (MDA)

It is a Scientific and hi tech method to remove dead skin from face, which is safe and effective with no side effects. Dead skin is a common phenomenon and we generally

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