Skin Lightening And Pigmentation

Skin Lightening and Pigmentation

What is it?

Human skin owes its color to a pigment called melanin. It is produced in melanocytes, chromocytes situated within the epidermis. These cells have special structures referred to as melanosomes. These melanosomes after numerous metabolic transformations, produce melanin . It plays a vital and helpful role, involving protection of the skin against harmful impact of ultraviolet radiation. Excessive accumulation of melanin causes occurrence of brown or russet spots especially in uncovered areas such as the the face, cleavage, hands and arms. Skin aging process resulting from excessive exposition to sunlight, certain individual predisposition and the influence of hormones (pregnancy, contraceptives) are factors that support occurence of pigment spots.

Treatment–Depigmentation (Cosmelan and dermamelan)

COSMELAN treatment enables effective removal of pigment spots, and restores smoothness and radiance to the skin. The Cosmelan treatment programme is tailored to meet the individual needs of the patient and the patient’s skin phototype. The main indication is elimination of spots with a hormonal background (melasma, chloasma) and those caused by sunlight.

Dermamelan contains salicylic acid (which is not contained in Cosmelan) and contains more active ingredients than Cosmelan . Cosmelan works well in connection with sebaceous skin but the difference in composition may suggest greater suitability of Dermamelan for this type of skin.

What’s at Skinfinity

We have treated resistant melisma, deep freckles and difficult pigmentation problems like lichenplanus pigmentosis with our step by step protocol of using chemical peels, Q switched ND YAG laser, cosmelan and dermamelan treatment.
A post operative measure, Lifestyle balance and dietary advises are also given to maintain the results achieved.
A thorough diagnosis of hormonal issues are specifically made before starting pigmentation in females.


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Real Results

*Result may vary from person to person

*Result may vary from person to person

*Result may vary from person to person

*Result may vary from person to person

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