Plasma Illume Facial

Plasma Illume Facial

Plasma Illume Facial

What is it?

When life gives you pigmentation, you fight back with the Plasma Illume facial!
It is Skinfinity’s most loved and favorite facial as it uses the most natural ingredient - your blood ! Yes, you heard it right. We take a little quality of your blood just how you do a blood test, and we extract the collagen stimulating and fibroblast enhancing ingredients from your own blood which is applied on your face to rejuvenate the skin cells of your face and fight away any marks, spots, pigmentation or melasma that is being a glitch in your beauty and hindering you from having a flawless skin!

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Is it for my skin?

  • This facial is for anyone and everyone, safe in all age groups and genders as no chemicals or external ingredients are used.
  • This facial works equally good on dry, normal, oily and combination skin types, as the major focus here is dermal rejuvenation.
  • It is just your own pure blood rejuvenating your own skin.
  • Due to the purity of method, the results are assured with this one as there are no chances of your own blood causing any side effects, the improvement in skin quality and glowing skin is evident from the first two sittings.
  • The ideal interval between facial treatments should be 30-40 days for optimum results.
  • Most important step is to follow the skin care regimen prescribed to you by the dermatologist very religiously to maintain and enhance the effects of the facial and prevent further skin problems.


Pigment lightening

Brighter skin

Nourished skin

Skin rejuvenation

Improved pores

Reduce blemishes

Perioral lightening


Collagen stimulation

Skin lightening

What’s at Skinfinity?

The results of the treatments are long lasting and even permanent for some chronic skin problems, as our cosmetologists advise the right diet and products according to individual skin types to maintain and enhance the results.

  • All medifacials are designed by our team of expert dermatologists and cosmetologist headed by Dr. Ipshita Johri who is a celebrity aesthetician with versatile high-end work experience in the field of beauty and antiageing.
  • The therapists performing the medifacials at Skinfinity are trained cosmetologists that go through extensive process of education and training.
  • Use of world’s best and latest technology, beauty machines and chemical free beauty products.
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