tattoo removal (ND Yag Laser)

Tattoo Removal (ND Yag Laser)

Tattoo Removal (ND Yag Laser)

What is it ?

As the prevalence of tattoos in the population has increased, the removal of tattoos has also become very prevalent. Tattoos are not permanent, so, it's possible to remove it fully or partially depending upon the size of the tattoo and the color of ink used for tattooing. Tattoo removal is a non invasive procedure.
Cosmetic tattoos are also very prevalent nowadays such as the eyeliner tattoo, eyebrow tattoos, lip liner tattoos.
Tattoo removal should be very professional - using any home remedy or an inexperienced clinician can give a very bad scar for a lifetime.

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Types of tattoos

Based on pigment /ink

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Multicolor

Cosmetic Tattoos

  • Eyeliner
  • Lip liner
  • Eyebrow

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Treatment at Skinfinity clinic

1. Dermabrasion

It superficially erodes the upper most part of the skin where the tattoo is present. But this treatment takes more number of sessions to completely remove the tattoo.

2. Salabrasion

Salt water solution along with abrasion is used to get rid of the tattoo, but this procedure is not very safe as it removes the normal skin also along with the tattoo. It’s not used nowadays.

3. Excision

It’s a surgical procedure in which we excise tattoos from the skin, not very advisable solution for tattoo removal as we have laser techniques also.

4. Q switched laser treatment

The most commonly used technique of tattoo removal is laser technique. It is the safest technique without any chance of scarring.
Q switched laser creates a short ultra pulse light that goes deep into the skin, shatters the pigment of tattoo and thus in every session tattoo becomes lighter in shade.

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