Party Legend Laser Facial

Party Legend Laser Facial

Party Legend Laser Facial

What is it ?

This legendary facial is the skin’s best friend as it enhances the effect of makeup by giving clarity and sheen to the skin. This facial is loved by brides, bridesmaids and bride’s mom equally as it is the perfect facial before a big event or even a small party where one wants to stand out and get complements for the natural glow and shine on the face !

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Is it for my skin?

This is a light based facial that works on most skin types. The only contraindication for this facial is active acne/pimples for which our oxygen facial works best.
The luminous sheen and glow achieved stays for a week while the skin lightening and rejuvenation effect stays longer with the help of correct products. The best part is that the use of carbon photons in this facial assures skin tightening and open pore reduction.
The yellow photomask is the ideal method to soothe and rejuvenate the skin. It seals the effect of facial and ensures a long lasting glow.


Instant party glow

Pore tightening

Skin lifting


Reduce blemishes

Treat acne marks

Soothes skin

Pre-makeup glow

Why choose Skinfinity for medifacials?

The results of the treatments are long lasting and even permanent for some chronic skin problems, as our cosmetologists advise the right diet and products according to individual skin types to maintain and enhance the results.

  • All medifacials are designed by our team of expert dermatologists and cosmetologist headed by Dr. Ipshita Johri who is a celebrity aesthetician with versatile high-end work experience in the field of beauty and antiageing.
  • The therapists performing the medifacials at Skinfinity are trained cosmetologists that go through extensive process of education and training.
  • Use of world’s best and latest technology, beauty machines and chemical free beauty products.
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