Oxygen Facial

Oxygen Facial

Oxygen Facial

What is it?

OXYGEN is the most necessary element not just for life, also for the skin health. Sensitive or combination skin occurs because of imbalance in oil secretion from the sebaceous glands under the skin. Imbalanced oil secretion in turn leads to blackhead/ whitehead formation, pimples that leave spots and scars, uneven skin tone and easy tanning of the skin. Oxygen facial is a perfect treatment to balance the tone and texture of skin by clearing the clogged pores and regulating the oil secretion of the skin. This is also the most loved facial by Skinfinity patrons as the oxyjet step is the most relaxing 10 minutes of the month and it always drives you back for more !

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Is it for my skin?

If you suffer from oily, sensitive or combination skin type, your skin will fall in love with this facial. The cleansing of pores and removal of dead skin and tan leaves the skin glowing, hydrated and balanced and one can actually appreciate a shade difference if the skin is severely tanned. Since this is a medical facial, the inclusion of microdermabrasion and herbal serums in this facial make sure that a permanent improvement in skin is observed if the right products are continued to maintain the skin after oxy facial. The ideal recommendation for oxygen facial is every 20 days in summers and every 30 days during winters. This facial works for both male and female skin type and serums used are individualised according to skin type.


Balance oil

Remove comedones

Clear clogged pores

Removes dead skin

Removes tan

Skin lightening

Skin brightening

Even skin texture

Treats acne

Treats milia

What’s at Skinfinity?

The results of the treatments are long lasting and even permanent for some chronic skin problems, as our cosmetologists advise the right diet and products according to individual skin types to maintain and enhance the results.

  • All medifacials are designed by our team of expert dermatologists and cosmetologist headed by Dr. Ipshita Johri who is a celebrity aesthetician with versatile high-end work experience in the field of beauty and antiageing.
  • The therapists performing the medifacials at Skinfinity are trained cosmetologists that go through extensive process of education and training.
  • Use of world’s best and latest technology, beauty machines and chemical free beauty products.
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