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Non Surgical Hair Replacement | Hair Patch & Hair Wigs in Noida | Skinfinity Derma
Non surgical hair replacement

Non surgical hair replacement

Non Surgical Hair Replacement:
Hair Patch & Hair Wigs in Noida

Skinfinity Hair Replacement Patches are the most advanced Non Surgical Hair restoration technique to regain hair without any scar, pain and surgery. It helps to restore your look by giving a head full of hair within an hour regardless of your age and stage of hair loss. Skinfinity provides hair patch in Noida at the affordable prices to give a head full of hair.

This technique boosts your confidence by enhancing your looks. It gives you natural looking hair without being notified by people around you. So get 100% results without any side-effect by our Hair replacement Patches.

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How it is done?

Firstly we analyse the scalp condition and existing hair, after that, we measure the size of the bald area to make the patch of the same size so that it can fit you better. simultaneously we take a hair sample so that we can prepare a hair patch of similar hair colour and texture to give you original look.

Hair Patch Design

  • Hair – It is made up of chemically treated human hair which prevents tangling and gives you a natural look.
  • Base – A thin porous base is made just like your skin so that your scalp can breathe and proper airflow and water flow can occur at the time of bath.
  • Customization- We provide customized Hair patches depending on the head size of the person, hair colour and desired density.
  • Fusion - Hair replacement patch is fixed with various skin friendly attachment techniques so you can enjoy the natural looking permanent hair with a younger look .
  • Best suited – To the one who wants complete change of the look with great density .you can enjoy full freedom to wash, dry, comb and style your new hair, as you want.
  • Post care - Hair Patch fusion can be done by yourself once you learn the process of fixing or else you can visit clinic for the fusion process.
  • Life- Varies from 6 months – 1.5 years depending upon the quality of hair patch.


No surgery/ No pain/ No scar

No side - effects

Improves hair density

Style and colour just like you did with your natural hair

What’s at skinfinity?

Skinfinity offers 360 degree solution for all your Hair Problems. If you are looking for Non Surgical Hair replacement process then it is the right place for you. We are into Hair patches in Noida, Hair weaving, Hair wigs in Noida, Permanent hair extension. Giving you three best skin friendly ways for the hair fixing.

  • Hair Clip-on – To those who want to remove the patch daily.
  • Bio taping- For those who doesn’t get time for visiting clinic repeatedly so we make them learn the process of bio taping so that they can do by their own.
  • Bio Bonding – It is a hypoallergenic anti - bacterial hair bond that gives a lasting hold in even hot and humid condition. For those who want to relax and get fixing services at our clinic by our skilled hair technicians. For these group of people, we provide head wash services, colouring, professional hair cuts along with hair bonding techniques.

Why Skinfinity?

We use premium products for fixing and cleansing of patches. To remove the stickiness of glue and tape. As we use dissolvent rather than petrol. its help in retaining the life of the hair patch.

As it's a skin clinic as well, we can treat the condition of flakiness, dryness, dandruff and any scalp allergies. in case it happens due to usage of patch or its products although it happens rarely.

USP:- Scalp Hydra cleansing in our services which prevent scalp infections.


Hair extension is a secure procedure to increase the length and volume of the hair. It is the procedure from which one’s hair is lengthened by incorporating natural or artificial hair. The procedure is also used to secure the natural hair when the individual need to colour or experiment with a new hairstyle. Hair extension has now become a trend among people. The look and feel of hair extensions have changed extensively with the improvements in technologies. You can use various kinds of extensions for hair like permanent hair extensions, Indian hair extensions, and real hair extensions. Hair extensions cost also varies depending on the different pieces.

Volumizer hair extension:- Hair Volumizers are a single piece of many hair extensions that are meant to add volume and length from the back.

Techniques:- Taping, clipping

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