Mole Removal Treatment in Noida

Mole Removal

Mole Removal

What is it?

Also called as “melanocytic nevus or pigmented nevus” or birthmark, mole is actually an aggregation of melanin producing cells. They are usually benign.
It can be rough, flat or raised, pinpoint or big in size. Sometimes, when it is scratched or pulled off it may bleed. Any type of home remedy should be avoided to remove it as it may damage the normal skin surrounding the mole.
Very rarely it fades away on its own but most of the times it has to be removed surgically or by the help of other treatment.

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Types of mole

1. Congenital moles- mole that is present by birth.

2. Acquired moles- these moles develop later in life mostly because of sun exposure to the skin. They are mostly brown in color.

3. Atypical moles- these moles are at a greater risk of developing into melanoma that is cancer, most distinguished feature is that these moles have irregular edge.

4. Dermatosis papulosa nigra (DPN) - these are small pin point brownish-black moles mostly present on the face.

How to know if the mole is changing into melanoma(cancer)?

  • Rapid change in size of mole
  • Irregular border of mole
  • Asymmetry in shape of mole
  • Evolving mole
  • Uneven color of mole in hues of brown black and tan

Treatment available at Skinfinity clinic

1. Shave excision- In this method we shave the mole superficially with the help of blade or scalpel.

2. Excisional biopsy- We punch out the mole along with the surrounding skin.

3. Electro cauterization - In this method with the help of cauterization device we cauterize the mole with no harm to the surrounding skin and the skin takes up the normal color.

4. Co2 laser therapy- In this method the latest and the most advanced laser is used to remove moles in no time. High energy laser beam specifically targets the mole, and the mole is burnt away. Skin heals and takes up the normal skin color. This procedure is the safest of all with least probability of scar formation after mole removal.


Rid of Unattractive Mole

Prevent It From Growing Bigger

Prevent Melanoma (Skin Cancer)

Single Session


Quick Procedure

No Bleeding

No Down Time

What's at Skinfinity?

  • Mole diagnosis is important to rule out any atypical or cancerous changes in the mole. The treatment is done by a dermatologist and careful extraction is ensured to wipe off all extra unwanted tissue.
  • Best lasers are used for mole removal to make sure of minimal downtime or discomfort to patient.
  • Latest and advanced tools are used for the procedure.
  • Every machine used for the procedures is US-FDA approved.
  • Proper sterilization is our top most priority to avoid any kind of infection and thus the procedure becomes risk free.
  • Number of sessions and the nature of the treatment are always planned according to individual consultation with the dermatologist. Moles removal usually requires a single session.
  • Procedure is performed by expert cosmetologist and trained doctors/therapists.
  • All pre and post operative instructions are always given to the patient before and after the procedure.
  • Regular follow up calls by the clinic to ensure patient is not facing any discomfort.
  • Every procedure is explained properly to the patient regarding downtime and any special instructions.
  • In case of any discomfort patient can also contact clinic any time during working hours for any support regarding treatment.
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