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Medifacial for Men in Noida | Medifacial Treatment Clinic, Cost in Noida - Skinfinity Derma
Men’s Medifacials

Men’s Medifacials

Men’s Medifacials

The vibe? 

Modem men are well aware about self care and well being, and keeping up the valour. Men’s skin workout is specifically designed for the tough men.

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1. Men’s Skin Workout

Is it for my skin?

It is especially for those men who have a client facing job or just like to keep their skin clean, glowing and spotless while ageing at the same time. This treat-ment can also be considered as a monthly skin rejuvenation and relaxation session.

What does it do?

This treatment helps in pollution and ageing. Combining Microdermabrasion (Skin polishing), Collagen laser, Antioxidant peels and super cooling masks, this treatment is a perfect balance of science, nature and technology to keep the skin hydrated, clean, supple and glowing.

When should I do it?

Men should workout there body at least 5 days a week, but skin requires work-out just once a month! Rest of the days, it is essential to keep the skin hydrated and protect it with a good moisturiser and sunscreen as recommended by the dermatologist according to a man’s skin type.Worth the time and money?YES!! With thousands of success stories from most eminent men of the society. We claim this treatment to be the single best treatment for men which suits every skin type

2. Men’s Vitamin Boost Facial/ Mesotherapy

Dry, sensitive, dull skin. Age > 25 yr.

The vibe?

A personalised and posh treatment for sensitive and dry skin. Tools used for the facial are predominately mesoporation and microdermabrasion.

Is it for my skin?

It's a gentle facial suited for everyone, but dry, lacklustre, dehydrated or ageing skin would particularly benefit from it.

What does it do?

This treatment boosts the cellular renewal. It is similar to vitamin drip for the face. The procedure is performed by our trained professional therapists to regu-late blood circulation and absorb the nutrients quickly.

Best part?

The cooling mask - one can feel the hydration hit instantly, and would never want to take it off.

Does it really show results?

This isn'trecommended for those who have problematic skin, but if one islooking for an instant glow and skin quality improvement, this is a quick and ef-fective treatment.


It involves no downtime.It's certainly on the expensive side, but for good reason. This is a luxurious ex-perience that leaves one with the skin to prove it.

3. Men’s Brightening Hydrafacial With the goodness of Arginine!

The vibe?

It is the perfect therapy to cleanse the skin and remove dead skin and tan.

Is it for my skin?

Organic Hydrafacial is for dry, ageing or blemished skin and focuses on skin cleansing, lifting and hydration.

What does it do?

It cleanses, removes tan and balances spotty, difficult skin whilst hitting it with a heavy dose of hydration.

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