Lips and eyes

Lips and Eyes

What is it?

Dark lips are the most common issue faced by majority of men in India. It occurs due to various reasons such as smoking, heredity, genetics, or simply due to extra melanin deposition in the lip area. It is the most prevalent problem faced by majority of men of all ages, but can be effectively cured, notwithstanding the period or extent for which dark lips has its effect.

What’s at Skinfinity

1. Lip Peeling: Mild herbal peels containing argenine, sugarcane and milk extracts are used to lighten the color of lips. Visible results can be achieved in 4-6 sittings, each done within an interval of 15 days.

2. Micro Pigmentation: Organic pigments of different shades of natural pink are used to match ur lip skin tone. These vegetable derived pigments are then induced in the skin of lips to create a permanent hue of natural and lighter lip color.

3. Laser Lip Lightening: For darkly pigmented lips that have a shade of brown or black due to extra melanin deposition, Laser light is used to treat the lip area, which selectively blasts the melanin pigment of the lip skin. 3-6 sessions maybe required depending on the darkness of the lips.

4. Lip Skin Resurfacing: Treatment to improve the texture and color of the lips. It works best for dry and rough lips with uneven skin tone and color tone.It gives a smoother texture and lighter color to the lips.


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