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Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments

1. Beard Shaping

If a man wants to shape his beard as per the desired style, so that he doesn't have to shave and style it everyday, laser beard shaping is the perfect solution for him. With the help of laser treatment, we remove the hair of surrounding area, so that one grows a perfectly shaped, neat looking beard. It takes 6-8 sit-tings and all men can get it done.

2. Pigmentation and Tattoo Removal Laser

Tattoo removal helps in removing tattoo by penetrating deep in the skin and starting an inflammatory reaction in the skin that helps in removing the tattoo inkpigment permanently. unwanted tattoos and names etched in the skin, tattoos of multiple colours that start fading and look untidy can be removed with ease.

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3. Carbon Laser Peel

The carbon laser peel is most often used to addressacneand excess oil as a facial treatment, but it can be performed anywhere. If onehas acne on their face, chest, back, or shoulders, this is a must try treatment. This painless 20-minute procedure delivers immediate benefits with lasting results.At skinfinity, we personalise the intensity of the laser according to the individual’sskin type so that the blasted carbon particles can give maximum rejuvenationand glow to the face. We seal the treatment with fresh arbutin, hyaluronic acidand vitamins to enhance the results of carbon laser.This treatment is excellent for opening the clogged pores and is suitable for In-dian skin type and colour.

4. Laser Hair Removal

  • Underarms
  • Ears
  • Cheek
  • Full Body
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