Laser Treatment For Scar

What is it?

Fraxis DUO is an ultramodern technique, i.e a combination of a CO2 laser and microneedle RF technology designed to use in the treatment of scarring, photo aging, skin pigmentation issues, poor skin tone, facial resurfacing and stretch marks. Scars can be left behind by acne, injuries or surgeries. The pimples fade away but leave marks and scars which are shallow depressions on face making the surface of skin look rough and uneven. People who have a habit of pricking or touching their pimples are more prone to get acne scars, which later cause stress due to uneven skin texture on the face.

Many modalities of treatments can be used for treating acne scars. The dermatologist checks the skin condition and cause of pimples, accordingly suggests the best acne scar treatment.

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How is the treatment performed?

  • At Skinfinity, Fraxis duo laser treatment for acne scar is the choice of treatment as it has no side effects, is the safest method with best results out of all other modalities.
  • The face to be treated is cleaned.
  • A local anaesthetic cream is applied on the face and left for 40 mins.
  • After this the face gets numb.
  • Scar subcision is performed by doctor to release the scars if the scar is very deep with fibrous bands attaching the skin to the fat layer.
  • Then we start first with the MNRF session to tighten the collagen and stimulate scar recovery.
  • In this handheld device is moved on the scar area that makes tiny punctures in the skin and lets the radiofrequency energy deeply penetrate the skin.
  • The second session is co2 laser done through another handheld device this let the scar tissue fade away by breaking the fibres underneath the skin that create scar.
  • It also improves the blood circulation and collagen synthesis thus providing permanent scar reduction treatment.


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What’s at Skinfinity?

  • At Skinfinity, our speciality is the combination of CO2 resurfacing and microneedling with chemical peels, mono threads and cross TCA technique to treat all types and depths of scars.
  • Employing a combination of techniques, we ensure to trigger collagen formation and healing in various forms of scars like boxcar scars, rolling scars and ice pricks scars to give the best resurfacing result, hence, removing even the most stubborn acne scars.
  • It is a blessing for people looking for treating wrinkles without getting injected with anti-wrinkle injection.
  • We have successfully induced this laser in treating stretch marks and straie marks that come post pregnancy or after long term steroid abuse.
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