Laser Facial Rejuvenation

What is it?

This procedure helps in face rejuvenation with the help of laser energy. It rejuvenates the skin from within as tiny laser beam targets the superficial layer of skin and removes fine lines.
It also helps in removing any acne spots, blemishes, sun damage or acne scars. Laser facial rejuvenation is a therapy that treats the concerned part of the face for specific concerns. There are several lasers that are used for skin rejuvenation and the treatment depends on skin type.

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Treatment at Skinfinity Clinic

1. IPL LASER (Intense pulsed light)

A powerful photo dynamic light reaches the skin and helps in eliminating dark spots, fine lines, blemishes from the face. These lights when reach the deeper layers of skin boost collagen production and it improves the laxity of skin thus helps in skin tightening. Without any pain or downtime one can have the laser facial rejuvenation. The best part is that it also effectively works on the most sensitive skin types and helps in recovering the damaged and sensitive skin.


Most advanced technique of laser therapy, this laser works best for fine lines, wrinkles and scar son the face. It improves the texture of skin with due sessions. Skin resurfacing is best done by this laser. It uses a very short pulsed light that is absorbed by the water in superficial layers of skin, these high energy beams remove the dead skin and allow healthier skin to regenerate. There is no risk or side effect of the treatment.


Microneedling with radiofrequency light helps in improving the laxity of skin, boosts up the collagen production in the skin thus gives firmness to the skin. It is a very effective method for facial skin rejuvenation. Microneedles make tiny punctures in the skin and radiofrequency goes deep within the skin to repair it, improve blood circulation and activate the cells to increase collagen production. This gives firmness and tightening to the skin.

4. Carbon laser toning

In this procedure carbon powder is applied to the skin and then with the help of lasers high energy beam it targets the skin surface and breaks the carbon particles along with the dust and impurities from the face. It extracts the impurities deep from the pores and tightens the open pores. This laser rejuvenation instantly cleans up the skin, so, the skin looks very fresh and healthy. It also helps to improve the tone and texture of the skin with no downtime. This is the best pre-party laser and pre-bridal laser treatment as it brings a glow and sheen to the face that catches every eye.

5. Omega laser light

Low level energy beams are used to treat multiple skin problems.
Safe risk free procedure with no downtime is used to resolve skin issues like pigmentation, dullness, tanning, freckles, spots, pimples and melasma. It has different color of laser light that works on different issues of the skin as different wavelength of laser beam treats various skin issues.

a. Green light- it has a very soothing effect on the skin, relax down the skin, brain and body.
b. Blue light- very calming effect on oily, acne prone skin. Reduces acne breakout and kills the acne causing bacteria on the skin surface.
c. Yellow light- this light is used for spots, blemishes, rosacea or hyperpigmentation on skin.
d. Red light- this improves blood circulation, reduces acne scars, pigmentation and helps with any bacterial or fungal infections on the skin.


Youthful Skin

Removal of Blemishes

Treat Acne Scar

Remove Spots

Treat Sunspot


Glowing Skin

Hydrate Skin

Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkle

Stop Acne Breakout

Skin Rejuvenation

What's at Skinfinity?

  • Latest and advanced tools are used for the procedure
  • Every machine used for the procedures is US-FDA approved
  • Proper sterilization is our top most priority to avoid any kind of infection and thus the procedure becomes risk free
  • Number of sessions and the nature of the treatment are always planned according to individual consultation with our dermatologist
  • Procedure is performed by expert cosmetologist
  • The desire of the patient is always kept in mind in order to give the best and optimum result
  • All pre and post operative instructions are always given to the patient before and after the procedure
  • Regular follow up calls by the clinic to ensure patient is not facing any discomfort
  • Every procedure is explained properly to the patient regarding downtime and any special instructions
  • In case of any discomfort patient can also contact clinic any time during working hours for any support regarding treatment
  • The results of the treatments are long lasting and even permanent for some chronic skin problems, as our cosmetologists advise the right diet and products according to individual skin types to maintain and enhance the results.
  • All laser treatment protocols are designed by our team of expert dermatologists and cosmetologist headed by Dr. Ipshita Johri who is a celebrity aesthetician with versatile high-end work experience in the field of beauty and anti-ageing.
  • The cosmetologists performing the lasers at Skinfinity go through extensive process of education and training.
  • Use of world’s best and latest laser technology, beauty machines and chemical free beauty products.
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