Hair Loss

What causes Hair Loss?

1. AGA (Androgenetic Alopecia) that is hereditary or gene dependent is the most common cause of hair loss.

2. ALOPECIA, an autoimmune disease affecting individuals of any age group.

3. Malnutrition - The deficiency of vital nutrients, protein and vitamins in body.

4. Stress

5. Thyroid disease or Anaemia

6. Chemotherapy Session

7. Smoking

8. Excess use of tight caps, bandana or helmets.

9. Dengue, Malaria, high fever or internal diseases.

10. Post pregnancy

11. PCOD/ PCOS, hormonal imbalance, irregular periods.

12. Use of chemicals- keratin, color, hair smoothening and straightening.

13. Fungal/ bacterial infection, excess dandruff and itching in scalp.

14. Use of harsh shampoos, improper hair care.

Treatment Options for Hair Fall at Skinfinity Clinic

1. Mesotherapy- non injectable method in which vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, growth factors and hair peptide are penetrated deep into the hair roots to give them strength and nourishment.

2. Laser Comb- It stimulates the hair follicles thus preventing hair fall.

Treatment Options for Hair Regrowth at Skinfinity Clinic

1. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy - in this method, we superficially inject patient’s own plasma, extracted from their blood containing various growth factors and vital nutrients deep into the hair roots.

2. GFC (Growth Factor Concentrate) - a pure, highly concentrated growth factor preparation from patient’s own blood, done in a specialised kit.

3. Stem Cell Therapy - most efficient technology in the field of hair growth as this treatment helps in stimulating the hair follicle cells, and increasing the growth of new hair, very rapidly.

4. Microneedling - helps in increased hair growth by increasing the blood circulation of scalp and also by increasing the absorption of various products in the scalp with the use of dermapens and dermaroller.

Why choose Skinfinity Clinic for Hair Treatments?

  1. Highly equipped clinic
  2. Well-trained therapists
  3. Latest and advanced technologies are available
  4. Every procedure is done under the supervision of Dr. Ipshita Johri
  5. All the procedures are done by expert trichologists
  6. Proper follow-up of all the patients are done
  7. High success rate
  8. Before every procedure trichoscopic analysis is done
  9. Our treatment is based on the root cause of hair loss and accordingly we plan the treatment for each patient.

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