Growth Factor Therapy

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Growth Factor Therapy

Growth Factor Therapy

It's a highly beneficial treatment for hair as well as skin as it contains a highly concentrated amount of growth factors. Therefore, it has a long-lasting effect on hair and skin.

How is Growth Factor therapy Beneficial for Hair?

A person's very own plasma extracted out from their blood has a tremendous effect on the hair growth, as Growth Factor therapy is superficially injected into the hair roots. It gives strength to the roots and boosts the growth of hair. It also improves the texture of hair by thickening every hair follicle.

How is Growth Factor therapy Beneficial for Skin?

The growth factors and proteins of plasma rejuvenate the skin deeply as well as superficially thus helps in reducing fine lines, hyperpigmentation spots, acne scar and it gives a refreshing natural healthy glowing skin with every session. It has a permanent anti-aging effect as it boosts collagen production in the skin. Collagen is the criss-cross structured protein fiber of the skin that tightens the skin, reduces open pores and makes the skin look younger and glowing. Male and female candidates of any age group can get this treatment done, as it's a natural therapy.

How it is prepared?

  • STEP 1

Collection of blood: 8-10 ml of blood is collected and is mixed with the anticoagulant solution in a specialized standard Growth Factor therapy tubes.

  • STEP 2

Separation of plasma: is carried out in a highly advanced centrifuge machine that revolves at a speed of 3600 rpm. The blood gets separated into cell and plasma.

  • STEP 3

Now we collect the plasma containing high growth factors and proteins into an sterile syringe. Within 20 min of preparation, Growth Factor therapy is superficially injected into the scalp or face.

How much time does it take for a complete session?

It takes around 45 min to 1 hour for a complete session of Growth Factor therapy.

Do i have to do any preparation before coming for growth factor therapy session?

On the day of Growth Factor therapy make sure to wash and shampoo the hair.

How many sessions of growth factor therapy do I need?

Generally, a patient requires 6-8 sessions of Growth Factor therapy at monthly interval without any gap, if one is suffering from hair fall issues due to change in lifestyle, improper diet, stress, workload then these sessions are sufficient for you. If someone is at a very young age and due to the genetic history of baldness facing hair fall issue then maintenance sessions at 6 month or 1-2 year interval are recommended.

Is it a permanent solution?

If at an early stage of AGA i.e Androgenic alopecia one opts for Growth Factor therapy, then it will retain the hair and delay baldness for at least 10-15 years, and prevent the need of hair transplant surgery.

Is there any side effect of growth factor therapy ?

It is the safest procedure because no chemicals are being used in Growth Factor therapy, a person's own blood is regenerating the cells of the body.

Is it a painful procedure?

Use of local anesthesia before Growth Factor therapy in form of local anesthetic cream, spray or L.A. block is applied on the scalp, thus numbing the area to be injected making it a comfortable process.

Use of microneedling in Growth Factor Therapy 

Dermaroller and dermapens are used for microneedling along with Growth Factor therapy as it increases the absorption of Growth Factor therapy deep into the scalp by 8 times and it also increases the blood circulation thus enhancing the effect of Growth Factor therapy by many folds.

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