Face Treatment

  • Hollywood bridal medifacial - Collagen rejuvenation procedure that removes blemishes from the face to prep the skin for the wedding day.
  • Flawless skin treatment - 6 sessions will transform the bride’s skin and remove blemishes, acne, scars, spots, pigmentation and balance the oil secretion of skin to give a hydrated, flawless glowing skin.
  • Make up highlighter facial - Advanced skin smoothening procedure that uses carbon particles to give a shiny glow to the skin and enhances the effect of bridal makeup. Done 3 days before the event and is a must for every bride.

2. Hair treatments

3. Body treatment ( 4sessions)

  • Full Body Chemical Peel + Herbal peel + Skin polish + Detan. Over 4 sessions

4. Laser treatment

  • Laser hair removal ( Any 5 body parts )  
  • Ideal time to take gold package is 3-6 months before wedding.

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