What is it?

Fillers are the gift of science that enhance the beauty and grace of your face by making it more attractive and aesthetic by balancing the symmetry and harmony in the external features of the face.

Fillers are natural substances made up of Hyaluronic acid that hydrate, volumize and re-contour the face to provide a naturally attractive appearance.

1.Undereye bag and Dark circle

Most Asian men and women develop a hollowness under the eye which gives an appearance of dark circle. This may give a tired and dull appearance to the face even after a complete 8 hour sleep.This can start as early as the age of just 18 years.

Reasons can be due to heredity, familial, improper sleep, stress, high power spectacles, eye strain and long time viewing of electronic devices, weight loss, smoking, etc. This can be corrected by hydrating the under eye area by Hyaluronic acid filler and gives instant and gratifying results. The face looks naturally fresh.

Treatment Time: 1 Hour
No. of sittings: Single

Results: Post procedure, instantly the desired result is achieved , and keeps on improving over a period of 15 days, as the Hyaluronic acid gel filler absorbs water from the body and hydrates. While there is no exaggerated change on the face, people will start noticing a natural fresh look on your face.3 The result stays for 12-24 months depending on body metabolism and lifestyle.

2. Other Treatments using Fillers

  • Cheek contouring and Facelift
  • Lip augmentation
  • Nasolabial fold and Marionette lines,
  • Chin and Jawline shaping,
  • Nose and Forehead shaping

Our dermatologist devises an individualised aesthetic treatment plan depending on various parameters like age, gender, skin quality, facial muscle and ligament strength, fat content and volume of the face.

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