Face Treatments

Face Treatments

Whats at Skinfinity?

1.1. Mens Collagen Induction Therapy

It boosts the collagen in the skin making the skin smoother and tighter. 6-8 sessions are recommended at a gap of one month to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and witness a younger-looking skin.

1.2. Face PRP

It is the most natural method to rejuvenate the skin, stop the signs of ageing, treat scars, pigmentation and texture of skin.
Patients own blood is extracted and platelets are seperated from the blood with the help of centrifugation. These platelets are treated with growth factor releasing solution to obtain the growth factors desired. The serum so obtained is called PRP (Platelet rich plasma), which is rich in platelets and growth factors, and when induced in the skin promotes collagen formation and boosts anti ageing.

1.3. Face Microneedling

It involves treatment with microneedling laser that creates channels in the skin for delivery of essential nutrients, platelets, peptides and growth factors. It is helpful in skin tightening, opening blocked pores and facelift.

1.4. RadioFrequency

RadioFrequency Energy is delivered to the skin with the help of a RF probe after applying a gel to the face. It feels like an ultrasound massage while the delivery of RadioFrequency waves results in heating of collagen, skin lifting and tightening.

1.5. Vampire Facelift

It is the latest state of the art technique which is a blessing of nature and science as it combines fractional ablative CO2 laser, MNRF laser and PRP therapy to give a flawless, younger and smooth skin.

1.6. Anti-wrinkle Injection

If a person has bothersome lines near the eyes or the constant horizontal and vertical ridges on the forehead, anti-wrinkle injection can be used to make these lines disappear.

2. Under Eye Treatment (Dark circle and Eye Bag treatment)

What is it?

Sometimes, even after a full nights sleep, one may appear sleepy as the eyes are swollen or under eye area appears blackish or unusually tired.
This can be because of pigmentation under the eye, or a hollow tinge under the eye due to loss of fat in this area. Both these concerns can be addressed with under eye skin lightening treatments or use of dermal fillers.

2.1. Whats at Skinfinity?

Under eye skin lightening peels, under eye lines and wrinkle removal peels, under eye lasers, under eye Radio frequency treatment, Hyaluronic acid fillers, fat injections, Under eye electroporation are the treatments for removal of dark circles.

2.2. Under eye thread rejuvenation

Mono threads are used in the under eye area to improve fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, which helps to regain the natural look of the face.

2.3. Eye bag treatment

Eye bags can be due to family history or heredity, hormonal issues, liver or kidney diseases or any chronic illness. It can be corrected by camouflaging technique using Hyaluronic acid fillers.

3. We provide two types of treatments:

  • Non-Surgical Dermal Fillers
  • Surgical Blepharoplasty (surgical correction to aesthetically improve the area around the eyes)

4. Other under eye treatments offered are:

  • Under eye Radiofrequency
  • 360 eye peel
  • Undereye filler
  • Undereye PRP

5. Double Chin Reduction

What is it?

The most undesirable trait of any human face has to be a double chin. Men of any age can inadvertently develop this symptom and it makes their face look bulky and older.
It is basically deposition of fatty tissues in the chin area, and is curable. It requires 4-6 sessions depending on the amount of fat deposited in the chin area, in the intervals of 3 weeks each.

Whats at Skinfinity?

5.1. Injection lipolysis- fat dissolving injections given in the chin area, that result in liquifying of the fat cells which are removed by the lymphatics of the chin area.

5.2. Cryolypolysis

5.3. Chin reduction surgery

5.4. Thread lift - Collagen threads are used to lift and tighten the sagging chin skin. It is a single sitting procedure that results in collagen induction and fibrosis. It takes around 3 months to show complete results.

6. Jawline Contouring

What is it?

A perfectly chiseled jawline is the most desired aesthetical measure of a man?s face. Nowadays, men of all ages desire a neat and shapely jawline to give their face a juvenile look. Due to heredity reasons or fat deposits, jawline may not be exactly as one desires, and that?s where the modern and sought out procedure of jawline contouring comes into play.

Whats at Skinfinity?

A perfect jawline can be created after thorough assessment of facial contours and fat pads.
Highly cross-linked, long stay dermal fillers are used to give volume and contour to create a perfect jawline and chin and give a masculine look.
Its a single sitting procedure and its results last for 24-30 months.

7. Skin Lightning and Spots, Marks and Scars Removal

What is it?

Human skin gets its colour from melanin. Melanin is produced in melanocytes which are chromocytes that are located in the epidermis. It plays an important role in protecting the skin against harmful UV rays.

Whats at Skinfinity?

We have treated resistant melasma, deep freckles and difficult pigmentation problems like lichen planus pigmentosis with our step by step protocol of using:

Chemical peels for skin brightening and spot removal
Q switched ND YAG laser
Mens Melasma Cosmelan treatment
Scar treatment through CO2 laser resurfacing
A post operative measure, lifestyle balance and dietary advises are also given to maintain the results achieved.

8. Lip Lightening

What is it?

Dark lips are the most common issue faced by majority of men in India. It occurs due to various reasons such as smoking, heredity, genetics, or simply due to extra melanin deposition in the lip area. It is the most prevalent problem faced by majority of men of all ages, but can be effectively cured, notwithstanding the period or extent for which dark lips has its effect.

Whats at Skinfinity?

8.1. Lip Peeling: Mild herbal peels containing argenine, sugarcane and milk extracts are used to lighten the color of lips. Visible results can be achieved in 4-6 sittings, each done within an interval of 15 days.

8.2. Micro-pigmentation: Organic pigments of different shades of natural pink are used to match the lip skin tone. These vegetable derived pigments are then induced in the skin of lips to create a permanent hue of natural and lighter lip color.

8.3. Laser Lip Lightening: For darkly pigmented lips that have a shade of brown or black due to extra melanin deposition. Laser light is used to treat the lip area, which selectively blasts the melanin pigment of the lip skin. 3-6 sessions maybe required depending on the darkness of the lips.

8.4. Lip Skin Resurfacing: Treatment to improve the texture and color of the lip. It works best for dry and rough lips with uneven color tone.It gives a smoother texture and lighter color to the lip.

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