CORN - Laser treatment

CORN - Laser treatment

CORN - Laser Treatment

What is it?

Also known as calluses, it is mostly seen in areas of continued pressure such as the top of ankle, side of the feet, between the toes, and also seen in areas under continuous weight.
Corn is actually a thickened part of the skin caused by a medical condition called hyperkeratosis on those areas.
For many people the most common cause of developing recurrent corn is ill fitting shoes.
It looks like a hard raised skin with inflammation around it. Its very painful, and sometimes it gets difficult to walk if it's in your feet.
Continuous movement of corn area tend to make it more infectious and it grows in size and becomes painful. So, it’s very important to remove it as soon as possible.

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Types of corn

1. Heloma durums (hard corn)

2. Heloma mullus (soft corn)

Corn Treatments at Skinfinity Clinic?

1. Electrocautery- removal of corn by cautery is done to burn out the edges of corn that aids in proper healing of corn from the depth of infected area.

2. Co2 Laser- laser light gives an instant relief to the patient by targeting and removing dead cells from the corn that accelerates healing of corn.

Avoid Self-Treatment

Sometimes, we observe people applying corn caps or certain acidic medications to remove the corn. Many times this causes allergy in the surrounding skin leading to secondary infection, inflammation and pain. Doctor’s advice is to avoid self treatment methods to prevent these side effects that require long courses of medications to recover the skin.


Remove Painless Callus

Remove Chances Of Infection

Soft Smooth Feet

Daytime Procedure

No Stitches

No Side Effects

No Aftercare

No Bed Rest

No Band Aid

No Dressing

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What's at Skinfinity?

The diagnosis and treatment is done by dermatologist and careful examination is done to differentiate between a corn and a wart. Best lasers and equipment are used for corn removal to make sure of minimal downtime or discomfort to patient.

Appropriate lifestyle modifications, change of shoes, weight bearing positions are advised by dermatologist to stop further growth or recurrence of corn.

  • Latest and advanced tools are used for the procedures
  • Every machine used for the procedures is US-FDA approved
  • Proper sterilization is our top most priority to avoid any kind of infection and thus the procedure becomes risk free
  • Number of sessions and the nature of your treatment are always planned according to your consultation with your dermatologist. Corn removal usually requires a single session
  • Procedure is performed by expert cosmetologist and trained doctors/ therapists
  • All pre and post operative instructions are always given to the patient before and after the procedure
  • Regular follow up calls by the clinic to ensure patient is not facing any discomfort
  • Every procedure is explained properly to the patient regarding downtime and any special instructions
  • In case of any discomfort patient can also contact clinic any time during working hours for any support regarding treatment
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