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Chemical Peels
Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

What is it?

In India, from ancient times, as a part of home remedy, we apply lemons on our face which is rich in citric acid. Similarly we apply turmeric for a glowing skin, which contains traces of curcumin. Also, milk, which is a rich source of lactic acid is considered beneficial for a radiant skin.

These are all gifts of mother nature which contain marvellous natural substances beneficial for your skin.

Chemical Peels are nothing but the concentrated form of these natural extracts and active ingredients, emanating from various natural plants and herbs. Such concentrates are accumulated from choicest natural sources.

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How it is done?

Peel has to be applied very carefully by an expert aesthetic dermatologist. First, we make sure we thoroughly cleanse the face so that no other product is present on the face. Then vaseline is applied to the sensitive areas of the face like the area around eyes, lips, and nose. Peel is applied on the face starting from most resistant to most sensitive areas of the face, as judged by a dermatologist.

There are different types of peels for different problems, for every different peel a different application time is there that has to be followed properly. Some peels show frosting but some don't, every peel has a different endpoint which the dermatologist is aware of.

After its endpoint, the peel is wiped from the skin with fresh water, and there are some peels that are left on the skin for 8-12 hours.

Basically, a combination of peels is also used that only a skin doctor will recommend depending on the skin type, texture, and concerns regarding the skin.

What’s at Skinfinity?


In most of the clinics, a single peel is done e.g. glycolic peel, which is the most commonly used peel and is applied on the full face.

The problem with this is that different skin types and different areas of the face demand a different kind of peel, endemic to that specific region.

At Skinfinity, we use the Cocktail-peeling method as devised by our dermatologist Dr. Ipshita Johri. In this method, we treat each individual area of the face separately and a distinct peel as required for that specific skin type or part of the face; it is tailor-made by our experts, taking care of the minute concerns of the skin.

When done by our experts, one can achieve extraordinary and unprecedented improvements in the texture and tone of the skin!


When done by our experts, with chemical peels you can achieve extraordinary and unprecedented improvements in the texture, tone and colour of your skin.

  • Helps in Skin lighting and treatment of spots and blemishes.
  • Aids in curing oily skin, scars and wrinkle.
  • Effectively diminishing the effects of dark circles, pimples and spots.
  • Eradicates the face redness and D-Tanning
  • Removal of back acne and truncal acne

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