Acne : Pimple made Simple !

Things To Consider First

Acne : Pimple made Simple !

What is Acne ?

Both males and females suffer from acne. Acne means a condition when you have blackheads, white heads ( small white bumps on skin giving uneven look ), pimples that may eventually lead to pus filled painful large pimples that leave marks and scars on face.

Why does Acne occur?

It can occur due to improper diet, hormonal fluctuations, using inappropriate cosmetic products and sticky creams, humidity, sweating and dead skin collection causing blocked pores or due to some medicines.

How can i get a permanent solution for acne and get a clean glowing face ?

Its your over all diet and exercise routine, with proper sleep and water intake, under guidance of a skin doctor that will help you get a permanent solution for acne. There are 3 steps of acne treatments.
First to stop and heal the acne, then to take care of the marks and spots, and lastly to get rid of scars to get a smooth skin. A combination treatment is required including oral medicines, vitamins and antioxidants, creams and sunscreen, chemical peels, medical facials, resurfacing and rejuvenating lasers and PRP. 6-8 months are required for complete recovery.

Tips to prevent and deal with acne :

Do not touch, press or rub the pimples.
Do not use hair products, creams and cosmetics without doctor’s advice.
Always remove your make up before going to bed.
Use non sticky sunscreen that suits your skin.
Use mild pH balanced cleansers for your face.
Apply ice on painful pimples, it will help in reducing pain and redness.
If you have acne, consult a dermatologist and get complete treatment following proper protocol.

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