Bright-N-Light Photofacial

Bright-N-Light Photofacial

What is it?

It is not an easy task to maintain the skin in its original color while living under the tropical sun that India is blessed with. The skin invariably gets tanned or develops and uneven skin tone depending on the sensitivity of various areas of the face to the light. Photofacial is an excellent procedure that counteracts the unpleasant effects of light (photon) on the skin while giving you the utmost glow that you always want when you invest in your monthly facial.

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Is it for my skin?

The photofacial is ideal for all skin types and works by removing the effects of sun damage. Bright-N-Light photofacial is a thorough scientific procedure designed by Dr. Ipshita Johri for individuals having normal to oily skin. This facial works by combining carbon laser with brown sugar peel that effectively removes the dead skin and balances the secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands of face. The fruit extracts applied provide the regular dose of multivitamins that your skin desires.


Skin lightening

Pore tightening

Tan removal

Even skin tone

Skin rejuvenation

Instant glow

Lightens freckles

Treats pigmentation

Melasma treatment

Reduce marks

Lighten blemishes

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Why choose Skinfinity for medifacials?

The results of the treatments are long lasting and even permanent for some chronic skin problems, as our cosmetologists advise the right diet and products according to individual skin types to maintain and enhance the results.

  • All medifacials are designed by our team of expert dermatologists and cosmetologist headed by Dr. Ipshita Johri who is a celebrity aesthetician with versatile high-end work experience in the field of beauty and antiageing.
  • The therapists performing the medifacials at Skinfinity are trained cosmetologists that go through extensive process of education and training.
  • Use of world’s best and latest technology, beauty machines and chemical free beauty products.
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