Biodynamic Beauty Facial (BBF) - Brightening And Glow

Biodynamic Beauty Facial (BBF) 

Biodynamic Beauty Facial (BBF) - Brightening And Glow

The vibe ?

The legendary status and face transforming powers of biodynamic beauty facial make it a must-try. Think of a facelift minus the needles.

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Is it for my skin?

It is recommendable for all skin types. BBF is the queen of anti-ageing and skin sculpting, rather than treating specific skin concerns, which means it works on everyone. Because who doesn't want higher cheekbones ?

What does it do?

It combines science and technology which is ideal for massaging and sculpting your face into its most gravity-defying self. Your face will look more firmer, lifted, luminous and seriously healthy. Works wonders on eye bags and water retention on face with goodness of milk to brighten the face. 

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