Bikini and Underarm Brightening

Bikini and Underarm Brightening

Bikini and Underarm Brightening

What is it ?

Darkening of bikini and underarm area is very common and embarrassing in some situations. Dark skin around underarms and bikini line takes away the advantage of wearing any kind of trendy clothes. The main causes of darkening include frequent waxing, metabolic syndrome, obesity, excessive sweating, frequent use of razor or hair removal creams, deodorants, antiperspirant roll on etc.

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Treatment benefits

  • Even toned skin matching to the rest of the body parts
  • Freedom from embarrassment of wearing sleeveless clothes or swimsuit
  • Reduced risk of further darkening of underarms and bikini area in future.
  • Freedom from unwanted hair growth on these areas.

How it is done?

The dermatologist first examines the dark areas and suggests the cause of darkening and best methods to remove pigmentation.

First we clean the area, and there are some skin lightening products and peels that are applied and left on the affected area for sometime and then wiped off.

Second option is laser treatment, we all know that occurrence of body hair on this sensitive area make it look more dark so laser treatment helps in reducing hair in this area. Thus, make it look more clean and color shade also gets lightened with due sessions.

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What's at Skinfinity?

Laser hair removal

Frequent waxing and using hair removal cream, razors will lead to darkening of skin and these pigmentations are really difficult to get rid of. So, one should always avoid these method of hair removal and start with the safest and most effective method of laser hair removal that is safe and risk free with no side effects, and also help in skin lightening.

Appearance of hair in the bikini area and underarms also gives it a dark hue. 6-8 sessions of laser will remove hair and make the area look clean.

Microdermabrasion (MDA)

In MDA we remove the dead cells from the skin through vacuum based technology that superficially removes pigmented dark skin and in due sessions the skin tone gets lighter.

Skin lightening peel

As the bikini and underarm areas are sensitive parts of the body, so, we use organic and fruit based peels that are natural extracts from fruits and herbs. There are some very good AHA and BHA that work as peeling agents and do wonders on dark skin. It helps by removing the dead skin layer from the skin, and in turn onegets a new lighter shade of skin. It is a safe and painless procedure. Always consult an aesthetic dermatologist for any procedure so that they can plan the treatment accordingly.

Laser treatment

Advanced laser treatment helps in reducing pigmentation from  bikini and underarms area. The high energy laser beam will target the pigmentation and thus area will become pigment free and skin tone lighter.

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