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Beard Growth Treatment in Noida | Laser Beard Shaping in Noida
Beard treatments

Beard Treatments

Beard Treatments

What is it?

A well-groomed beard is in trend and is considered a symbol of masculinity. However, many men, due to majorly genetical issues are unable to grow a desired beard or grow a patchy and incomplete beard which looks shabby and un-tidy. Beard growth treatments help to grow a thicker, fuller and permanent beard so that one can shape and style it, and experiment with their looks.Further, one can also shape their beard as per the desired style, so that they don’t have to shave and style it everyday.

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1. Beard growth by Growth Factor Therapy

Patient own blood is extracted and blood cells are separated from the blood with the help of centrifugation. These blood cells are treated with growth factor releasing solution to obtain the growth factors desired in the beard area. The serum so obtained is called Growth Factor serum, which is rich in blood cells and growth factors, and when induced in the skin promotes collagen formation and boosts anti ageing.

2. Beard growth by Microneedling

Itinvolves treatment with microneedling laser that creates channels in the beard area for delivery of essential nutrients, platelets, peptides and growth factors. It is helpful in stimulating hair follicles of the beard area, which aids in beard growth.

3. Beard growth stimulator Mesotherapy

Vitamin C, biotin, Vitamin A, minerals and peptides required for thicker and healthier beard growth are induced in the skin by mesotherapy.

4. Beard hair transplant

A patch of hair is extracted from the forehead hair, i.e, where the hair density is naturally abundant, and is transplanted in the beard area, so that it replicates the hair growth similar to that on the forehead area.

5. Laser beard shaping

If a man wants to shape his beard as per the desired style, so that he doesn't have to shave and style it everyday, laser beard shaping is the perfect solution for him. With the help of laser treatment, we remove the hair of surrounding area, so that one grows a perfectly shaped, neat looking beard. It takes 6-8 sittings and all men can get it done.

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