Anti-aging: Thread Lift: Is It Better Than Facelift?

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Anti-aging: Thread Lift

Anti-aging: Thread Lift: Is It Better Than Facelift?

Has your skin started to loosen up or sag, especially around the areas like the jawline, eyebrow line, under the eye, cheeks, forehead, etc? Then, you might want to opt for thread lift anti-aging treatment. But are you confused about whether you should go for a thread lift or a facelift? Will the procedure have any side effects or complications? Let’s answer all your queries. But before that, let’s know some details about Thread Lift anti-aging process. 
What is Anti-Aging: Thread Lift?
As the name suggests, this anti-aging procedure lifts the skin instead of removing the loose skin. This is done with the help of medical-grade threads or sutures. These threads or sutures are inserted into the skin using needles and then the experts pull the skin to properly shape and texture the skin while reducing the sag. 

This process not only helps in anti-aging by just lifting it up using threads but also helps the body to do it naturally. Due to the body’s default response to something being inserted into the skin, a large amount of collagen is directed toward the area that is being treated. This helps in healing the skin naturally. 
Anti-aging: Thread Lift vs Facelift | Are there any advantages of getting a thread lift?
Let’s list down the major advantages that thread lift treatment has over facelift:
Thread lifts are relatively low risk when compared to facelifts. This is because thread lifts are very less invasive when compared to facelifts.
Recovering after a thread lift procedure is relatively easy as the process is performed under local anesthesia. The effect is very short-termed and patients can even drive themselves home.
The recovery time after a thread lift surgery is way faster than a facelift. Patients undergoing facelifts have to be heavily sedated during the procedure. They also have to take 2-3 weeks off from work to recover from the process. Thread lift on the other hand is really fast when it comes to recovery from the procedure. 
Thread lifts are easier to perform when compared to facelifts thus making the process more affordable. 

What are the advantages of the thread lift anti-aging procedure?

Thread lift procedure offers a lot of benefits such as:

It enhances collagen production by triggering the body’s natural healing process.
The process also improves skin textures as the increased collagen production increases the density of the skin.
It can help reducing skin laxity.
The process is non-invasive in nature, uses medically approved safe materials, and has long-lasting results. 
It helps in reducing wrinkles. 

Where can you find the best thread lift treatment in Delhi NCR?

Although the thread lift anti-aging treatment is less risky, it does require high levels of expertise and precision. If you are looking for the best thread lift treatment in Delhi NCR at affordable prices, you should definitely trust Skinfinity Derma. At Skinfinity Derma, you get highly experienced and thoroughly trained staff along with experienced doctors. The infrastructure and equipment at Skinfinity are world-class and meet all the industry standards. We follow all the necessary protocols to ensure that you have a great experience and your skin feels new and rejuvenated.

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