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Skinfinity is the epitome of health, well-being and beauty providing comprehensive solutions to all Skin, Hair, Nail and cosmetic concerns. The prime feature of Skinfinity is to help our patients and clients attain the ideal potential of their health and beauty in all dimensions by our unique individualised approach of accurate diagnosis, treating the root cause of problems to prevent recurrence, multi-graded patient education to solve their own skin problems more efficiently, personalised care by knowledgable, trained and dedicated doctors & the use of best and most updated USA FDA approved technologies and procedures in a comfortable and luxury setting.

Be it skin infections, or chronic diseases, or the pigmentation that masks your rosy skin or the hair that does not do you justice, this is your one stop solution for any little thing that bothers you about your external, or internal beauty.We offer a comprehensive beauty centre and a variety of treatments, because our main goal is your comfort and happiness.

Why Patients Choose

Skinfinity Derma Clinic

  • Almalaser (Machine from Israel) for the safest and most effective hair removal
  • Pristine (Machine from Germany) for Microdermabrasion (to remove dead skin).
  • Fraxis duo (Machine from Australia) that uses CO2 laser and Radio Freequency Technology for removal of scars, stretch marks and to treat wrinkles and photo ageing.
  • Hydrafacial (skin brightening & cleansing) which is a revolutionary machine poised to replace the risky practices of facials from local saloons.
  • Photofacial (for skin rejuvenation and heeling acne and opening pores)
  • Worlds best quality Chemical peels (from Spain) to remove tan, skin lightening, treating acne, anti ageing & acne spots pigment. Chemical peels herein refer to the natural chemicals extracted from fruits.

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Popular Treatments

Get advanced and safer treatment options that give effective and long-lasting results.

Acne and Scars

It’s the over all diet and exercise routine that impacts the acne problem on skin.

Hair Loss

AGA (androgenetic alopecia) that is hereditary or gene dependent is the most common cause of hair loss

Laser Hair Removal

Excessive hair in unwanted places on the face and body is a very embarrassing situation for anyone

Chemical Peels

In India, from ancient times, as a part of home remedy, we apply lemons on our face which is rich in citric acid.

Anti Aging

Ageing process starts early due to several years of unprotected sun exposure over the years.


Human skin owes its color to a pigment called melanin. It is produced in melanocytes, chromocytes situated


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