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Scabies is a skin infection, due to Sarcoptis scabiei, a mite, where the patient experiences intense itching, and small tiny bumps in their skin. The mite spreads from infected garments, linens and contact with infected person. Once inside the body, the mite makes tiny burrows in the skin, and comes out at night. Due to this, the infected person experiences extreme itching at night. Eventually, the itching is seen during daytime also, and slowly they develop tiny rashes and bumps on skin.

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Signs & Symptoms

The symptoms of scabies vary from mild to severe, but the usual symptoms are-

  • Itching, which is more at night in intensity
  • Location of itching is more in areas like web spaces, underarms, groin and other sweaty areas
  • Small papules and bumps on body
  • Scratch marks
  • Similar issues in family

Causes/ Triggers

  • Infectious condition, caused by Sarcoptis scabiei
  • It spreads from dirty clothes, bedsheets, pillowcase, contact with infected person Itching is more during night and in warm, humid environment

Home Care

  • Wash all linen used in the last 3-4 days in hot water
  • Use medications as prescribed by your dermatologist
  • All the family members should be treated at the same time
  • Do not use over the counter medications


At Skinfinity Derma, we offer a wide range of treatment options to help you manage scabies effectively. Our team of dermatologists will work with you to create a treatment plan for scabies infection,.

Some of the most common treatments we offer for include:

  • Topical medications- These are creams and lotions which are anti-parasitic, and also reduce the marks and itching.
  • Oral medications- These tablets reduce the infection and itching.
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