Q1: If I am planning to get married, what is the ideal time to start with skin treatments?

Ans: Ideally, we can do our best to bring out the most gorgeous part of you on your wedding day if you approach us atleast an year in advance. That would give us apt time to plan the following for you-

1) Laser hair reduction – so that you no longer have to worry about your monthly waxes after entering the new phase of your life !!

2) Skin perfection treatments – Gradually moving from skin de-tan, pigment reduction to skin lightening n hydration treatments to give you the wedding glow.

3) Rapunzel series – Stop hair fall, regrow your hair, and let your hair achieve their maximum length, health and strength.
A series of combination treatments and patient education about regaining and maintaining your hairs glory !!

4) Target treatments – To address your target areas- acne marks, scars, spot cellulite reduction, stretch marks, unwanted moles, pigmentation, nail problems, sparse eyelashes, age/sun spots, skin sensitivity and beauty beyond skin !!

5) Advise and education by our skin consultants about cosmetics best suiting your skin type and lifestyle advise about maintaining your skin vitality.

Q2: What can be done to control Dark circles?

Ans: Dark circles can be really troublesome.  They may be genetic or due to nutritional, lifestyle and stress factors. Eat lot of fruits, keep hydrated, sleep for 6-8 hours daily at schedule and exercise. skin lightening creams, Peels and electroporation , RF or ultrasound can help but you need to take 8-10 sessions weekly or fortnightly.

Q3: How to cure fungal infections completely?

Ans: Most creams given by pharmacies contain steroids that reduce the redness for some days but does not cure the infection. You need to take a course of antifungal tablet along with anti fungal creams and anti- itch medicine to prevent the infection from spreading by repeated itching.
provide these details – number of days of infection, history of diabetes or any other illness, and your weight so that appropriate dosage can be prescribed. 
Do not apply steroid creams. Wear clean and totally dry clothes.

Q4: How to contol Hair loss? Can the lost hair be grown back again?

Ans: Hair loss from the hairline or crown can occur due to many reasons, more commonly due to hormonal effect, nutrition and lifestyle imbalance. The exact reason can be found out by taking detailed history and hair analysis . Accordingly, anti hairloss medicines, hair specific multivitamins, lotions and gels are prescribed. Many non surgical external treatments are available that show good results. These are mesoporation with hair peptides, stemcell, dermaroller, PRP etc. that are prescribed according to diagnosis. You can expect results in 6 to 8 months with a combination of these treatments.

Q5: How to get a glowing skin?

Ans: Glowing skin surely works a charm. The key to achieve and maintain a glowing skin is healthy lifestyle, proper diet with adequate antioxidants and vitamins, stress management and exercise that suits your BMI. Medical supplements, skin lightening creams, regular use of sunscreen and External treatments like peels and lasers can help in removing the tan and rejuvenating skin.

Q6: How safe is Glutathione for skin lightening ?

Ans: Glutathion helps in skin lightening, but Injectable form of glutathion is only approved for the use  to treat liver diseases and not for skin lightening because of potential dose related side-effects. 35-40 injections are needed, placed at 2-3 day intervals. Patchy skin may develop over sun-exposed areas after 10-12 injections, which tends to clear after 20-25 injections. The result lasts for almost 1 year and has to be maintained with oral glutathione. A combination therapy of sunscreens and skin lightening creams, oral glutathion, multivitamins and other antioxidants, along with external treatments like chemical peels, mesopeels, electroporation and lasers will help you achieve the best result in minimum time. 

Q7: How to get rid of Pigmentation?

Ans: Its possible to achieve your basic color back by taking a skin lightening treatment regimen for 6-8 months, consisting of sunscreens, skin lightening creams, antioxidants and multivitamins and external treatments like peels. After this you will have to maintain the results by application of sunscreen and moisturisers daily.A combination of all these treatments with Q-switch laser can help you achieve lightening of the pigment. Stick to the treatment for 8-10 months and take optimum sessions of the laser.

Q8: What is the treatment for Skin tags?

Ans: Creams and tablets do not work to remove skin tags. Its better to investigate the cause of skin tags, which most commonly occurs due to insulin resistance. Accordingly, Existing tags can be removed by electrocauterisation and medicines are given to prevent new tags from occuring.

Q9: I have Dull skin. What should i do?

 Ans: Lack of adequate sun protection over a long time leads to “dark complexion” or “dull skin”  over and above the patients original lighter complexion. Once this develops, sun protection measures and sunscreens should still be started to prevent further darkening and dullness, but to restore the initial lighter complexion a combination of skin lightening treatments are required. 
Use sunscreen and a skin lightening moisturiser eg.- skinbless light cream. This will prevent further darkening, but to get red of already tanned skin and to achieve faster skin lightening , take stronger creams under skin doctor’s supervision and get chemical peels or meso peels done. Skin brightening mesoporation also work well for face de-tan and glow.

Q10: Can i get rid of stretch marks?

Ans: Once stretch marks form on your skin they cannot be removed completely. What we can improve is the appearance of the marks with some treatment. Dermabrasion, Chemical peels, platelet rich plasma therapy, or fractional CO2 laser can help in improving the appearance of the stretch marks. The number of sittings required for optimum results can be decided after examination.