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Skin finity derma
Skin finity derma
Skin finity derma
Skin finity derma

Pigmentation treatment in Delhi NCR

Pigmentation- The inevitable, the hitch in beauty, the stumbling block in attaining a glowing attractive skin.
Why do people get pigmentation?
1) PIH- ( Post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation )– After an injury, or a previous cut, rash or infection in the skin. Maybe after a simple mosquito bite !
2) Pimple spots– When you keep touching or prick/ pop the pus out of an irritating and itchy pimple !
3) Never bothered to wear a sunscreen, because you never found one that suits your skin.
4) Pigmentation during Pregnancy or menopause– When the hormone levels fluctuate and make your skin and hair go for a toss !
5) Heredity– Similar type and area of pigment in family, most commonly seen as pigmentation under-eye or sides of face. What can you do except changing your parents? Visit a dermatologist.
6) Drug reactions– Sometimes you may get a spot on your face, lips, genitals or any other area after taking a particular pain killer, anti-biotic or other medicines, there is a tendency of getting darker spot on same area on re-consumption of the same medicine.
How to get rid of Pigmentation-The challenge is big. The path is difficult, requires commitment and sincerity, because the results are Worth the efforts put in !

How to fight the pigment ?1. Start using a broad spectrum sunscreen with a minimum Sun Protection Factor (spf) of 30.
2. Apply fruits juices, specially papaya and apple, lemon and potato juice are also great natural skin bleachers.
3. If you cannot apply the home products daily, or if you see no response, visit your dermatologist for a skin lightening chemical peel. Cocktail peels are done at Skinfinity clinic that take care of acne, pigment and tanning in a single sitting. You may need repeated sessions or combination with Microdermabrasion (skin polishing) for better results.
4. For extremely resistant and deep pigment, or a birth mark or tattoo you want to remove, Q-switch Nd:YAG Laser is the answer. Make sure you take timely sessions by a skin specialist.
5. Do not apply over the counter skin lightening products sold by chemists, which may contain steroids or hydroquinone- these products damage the skin, increase sensitivity, may increase hair growth on face if applied for long duration without the supervision of a dermatologist.